What a gem.
I am so delighted with my freeze dryer. Ive wanted one for a while,  and now with food prices going up, its the perfect way to preserve and store food. Since Ive had mine, it's bearly been silent.  I must say dealing with naturalwise has been an absolute pleasure.
Michelle | 30-10-2022 07:31 PM
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Freeze drying food has saved us money!
"It is wonderful to freeze dry food that we have prepared.  Drying the food ourselves is significantly less expensive than what we would have to pay to buy such food elsewhere.  We are in control of the ingredients and are able to prepare long-term food storage that meets our needs". - Michelle and Tyler
Source: Harvest Right
Guest | 06-04-2022 01:14 PM
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Preserving food for times of lean and times of plentiful
"I am very excited about using this as another way to preserve food, as I feel an urgency to prepare for times when food might not be as plentiful". - Kirsten.
Source: Harvest Right.
Guest | 06-04-2022 01:08 PM
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