So what exactly is silicone?

And what makes silicone better than plastic?

Are stasher bags BPA free?

Are stasher bags hypoallergenic?

How many times can stasher be reused?

Where is stasher made?

Can you cook with stasher?

And if I want to store soups in the freezer?

I’m hearing a lot of about cooking sous vide with stasher. Why?

Does silicone stain?

If the bag happens to stain how can I remove it without using harsh chemicals?

Do the bags absorb smells?

Is stasher dishwasher safe?

How do you clean the corners of the bag?

Can stasher be used in a UV sterilizer?

How much volume will each stasher size hold?

Is stasher approved by TSA for flying with carry-on liquids?