Omniblend V - I've already received the Omniblend! Amazing service, thanks very much. Customer for life thanks to you, Marianne, Pretoria.

 Service -
 I just wanted to let you know that I have received my parcel and would like to commend you and your company for the excellent service.  I will definitely be recommending Naturalwise to everyone I know. Tracy

 KitchenAid stand mixer - I did receive my kitchen-aid mixer in the exact color I wanted along with the unexpected extras, Thank you very much Natural wise!(My first order)I will patronize you again and recommend you to my friends. Obakeng Mokhua

 PerfectAire Bliss - I would just like to let you know I received the parcel this morning.Thank you for amazing service and absolute hassle free shopping! Wilesca

 Naturone Natural progesteron - This is the first time I have ordered from you and I’m very impressed with your service. Already received my order this morning. Thank you. I will definitely be ordering from you again. Alyson, Johannesburg

 Angel 8500 juicer - It is brilliant - v happy with it. Been juicing for about 10 yrs and I've had some of the best centrifugal and masticating juicers on the market. I've had the omega vert and a blendtec wideside blender for the past 4yrs -so I didn't mind upgrading my juicer to something this expensive, particularly based on the reviews I'd read. My blendtec is still as good as you can buy, I expect it'll run for another 4 yrs at least!!Anyway the yield on the Angel is staggering - I knew it was supposed to be high, but I was still v surprised when I used it.The biggest difference is in the pulp - there is hardly any pulp. The extraction ratio is simply astounding.Oh and the service goes without saying - very happy with your help and speed of shipping. Andrew, Pretoria

 Greenis slow juicer - The machine arrived to my surprise on Thursday already…WOW…. I was extremely impressed with your service!!! I since used it and it works wonderful!! My initial purchase from you was the “manual” user and this new electric juicer is indeed a major improvement…but I do realise I will eventually “upgrade” again to one of the more sophisticated machine (Omega or Champion) in the next year or so!! Thank you very much for your excellent service …you sold me to “online” purchases!! Keep up the good work and service!! Steve Botha,Mokopane

DNA wide mouth vertical juicer - It really was a pleasant shopping experience, one I’d recommend to anyone. We received our juicer on time and are really very happy with it. I love what it’s capable of and we’re already making the most of it. Now to learn some new recipes. Thanks again for the professional service and personal attention. Jaco, JHB

 Greenstar 5000 juicer -
 They delivered the next day and I'm already juicing daily. Thank you for the opportunity to make use of your excellent service. Vivian Goliath

 Oscar DA1000 juicer -
 I have received my juicer in perfect condition.  Thanks sooooo much for your EXCELLENT service!!! I will recommend you to everyone I know!!! , Marilet Strydom 

 Naturone natural progesterone cream-
 Thanks so much Cheryl! I have decided to start my 18 year old daughter on the creams as I have had the most incredible results from it. From having surgery for PCOS and endometriosis 2 years ago (that didn’t help for long), the last 9 months on the cream has been amazing! I now have the ovaries of an 18 year old! :) Don’t want my daughter to start down the same path of artificial hormones like what I did. Ros

 Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator -
 Just want to say I'm SO happy with my ExcaliburI'm have been busy drying sweet corn and rusks. I have also dried mixed veggies and carrots. When I get specials I buy bulk and dry it for later use. Just soak them in water and voila as fresh as the day I bought them. Lynne Froneman

 Farre manual juicer -
 I recently bought the Farre manual healthy juicer. I must say that I am very impressed with it – the way it juices and the extreme ease of cleaning. Basically just rinsing it under water with no juicing screen to scrub. I also own the Oscar DA900, Solostar 2, DNA juicer and an AEG centrifugal juicer and must say that I would rather prefer to juice with the Farre/Lexen than the others solely because of ease of cleaning. There is a bit of difference in the juice yield between the juicers, but I would definitely not say that the Farre is uneconomical to use because of low yield, etc. It yields in any case better that a centrifugal juicer like my AEG. There is of course a learning curve with these kind of juicers like what you can juice, alternating produce, etc.

 Excalibur9 tray dehydrator -
 To say that I am happy with the order would be an understatement. I am positively ecstatic. The Excalibur dehydrator is an astonishing piece of equipment and I am having the time of my life experimenting with drying everything I can lay my hands on. Thank you for your stellar service: I look forward to the next order :), Marie-Therese Le Roux

 Komo Fidibus medium stone mill - mill is great thanks – service also great :)

 Excalibur 10 tray dehydrator - I have just received my dehydrator. I am so happy, you gave me a 7 start service. I will be buying more products from you in the near future. Have a lovely day. Regards, Bazibi

 Spyra gyra spiraliser - 
Thank you, I’m very happy with your service, and with the SpyraGyra.  It was delivered on Tuesday, as promised, and I had friends in puzzlement yesterday about how I managed to make ‘spaghetti’ salads.
I referred them to your shop, and if there’s anything I need in future I will definitely come back to you.

 Komo grain mill - 
Thanks Cheryl, mill received.  Excellent service!  Marianne.

 Oscar DA1000 juicer - 
We are juicing and loving it. Will recommend your service, and will be back. Thanks again. John, Cape town

 Omniblend V super blender - Thank you Cheryl for my Omniblend, it arrived so quickly and was well packaged. It is possibly the best gift I have bought for myself! I have used it for many things from making macadamia nut butter in under a minute, delicious almond milk, regularly make smoothies, pesto, easily blend soup, cacoa mousse, chopped onions and I even made a turmeric almond milk drink to help which I had flu. My Omniblend is amazing, I just wish I had bought one before. It is incredibly useful for a variety of food and a kitchen essential. 
It seems it can do all a Vitamix can! The best part is that it is very easy to clean and I love the timer self switch off function.
I really am so delighted with my Omniblend!
I have made everything with it and have been using it daily.
For me it is definatly better than a Nutribullet.
I think that the 2 litre will be useful for me too.
A very satisfied customer. :)
I have been recommending my Omniblend to friends. Thanks for all your help in aiding my decision.
Linda Thompson

 Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator -
 Thanks for the follow up.  Please let Cheryl know that everything is wonderful.  My sister has already made two batches of fruit in the Hydrator.   She is loving it.  It all arrived on time and is just super.  The customer service at your company is fantastic and I will be recommending you to everyone! Jen Sloot

 Service - 
All received in good order and fast delivery. Thank you very much for such a great service. Nickey Harmse

 Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator -  
My experience of doing business with you guys has only been positive! There was good communication, and in the end an offer that saved me over a R1000! I am going to recommend you guys to my friends! Jaco Pienaar

 Kitchenaid stand mixer - 
Thanks so much me and my family are loving the new machine (my family more the goodies that are made). It is a perfect machine! Shelby van Zyl

 Omniblend V super blender - 
Thank you I received my blender on a Thursday last week the day after I ordered it that was how quick you guys are. Mamsie Tholo 

 Waterwise 4000 water distiller -
  "In good time" doesn't even describe how good Cheryl is impeccable. Really tops! Sandra

 Spares -
 Thank you so much for sending the spare parts for the juicer - they arr\ved yesterday and its working well now. Joy, Cape town

 Omniblend V super blender - I received my blender on Friday and love it. Many thanks for your fast efficient service. Patricia, Jhb

 Omega VSJ843 juicer - The Omega VSJ843R is amazing! We bought one a few months back after having compared and contrasted a whole bunch of other juicers from different suppliers and eventually settled on this one. It was the best buy ever. Having had experience with other well-known juicers such as the Green Star, the Oscar and the Champion, we can say without doubt that this juicer beats them all. The quality of the juice is the best we have ever seen – full of deep colour and with no heating and little foaming to otherwise spoil the end result. The ejected pulp is incredibly dry which attests to the unit’s effectiveness and you can just see the quality of the components, and in general, how well-made the product actually is.

 Most importantly it is easy to clean and the self-cleaning process helps to keep the juicer ready throughout the day so that you don’t have to break it down, clean it and re-assemble it in between juices if you don’t want to – a great time saver. All-in-all we were thoroughly impressed, and so we decided to do a 10 day juice fast and this amazing little juicer performed flawlessly. We juiced the majority of fruits and veggies that you can find (in quantity, four times per day) and also did a few almond milks and savoury juices. All of these were easily accomplished with no noise, no effort and no mess, and at the end of the day my partner and I lost 10 kg between us and we felt great. This juicer is a must have and we would highly recommend it to anyone looking to juicing for health and/or nutrition purposes. Neal de Klerk

 Farre manual juicer - I did receive it in excellent time, thank you. I am loving the juicer.Pierre Voges, Jhb

 Air purifier (leaf) - Thank you so so much once again and I’m loving the Air purifier, very impressed, received it the very next day. Tina Dos Santos, Meyersdal

 Oscar DA1000 juicer -
  I just wanted you guys to know that since I've had the juicer and have been juicing every day, I haven’t gotten sick this year! Usually I've been off ill at least three times with flu or bronchitis  – So a very happy customer! Thanks for selling these products – they really do make a life changing difference! - Traci, JHB

 Ezidri ultra dehydrator - 
 I have received it and I'm totally happy with how quick and efficient the process went! Have already made dozens of breads and ‘chips’, its brilliant. - Abu Bakr, Cape

 Oscar DA1000 juicer - I'm super happy with the Oscar. I have been waiting quite some time to own one and I'm not disappointed at all. It's my favourite piece of kit at the moment :) Jared

 Kitchenaid stand mixer-
 I have made the most amazing Poppy seed Cake for my husband’s Birthday. The Kitchenaid is just SO amazing!! Just love it. Worth every cent. Daleen, Cape Town

 Great service - I have received my order in fact earlier than expected you guys are really impressive. I have enjoyed shopping with you guys will be coming back for more.

 I am super impressed, and delivey was less than 24 hours! We have already had 2 smoothies, and hope to continue with our diet plan. Will check out your website for other items to purchase to improve our health. Rob 

 Vitamix 5200 blender - 
I am loving my Vitamix and can’t believe how I coped without one. I bought one for my daughter as well and she is also extremely happy with it. Kathy, Pta 

 Perfectaire bliss air purifier -
 I am enjoying my air purifier. Will definitely order again from you.

 Excalibur 9 tray dehydratorYes, I am very happy with both the service and product. Was an absolute pleasure dealing with Naturalwise and I will be back again! Morgan loubser

 Great service -  I am very happy with my purchase and service received. Viloshnee

 Spares and accessories
It was indeed so easy and a pleasure to be able to replace the part I needed – was very concerned when we broke the drum cap and worried that I won’t find a new cap – pleasantly surprised when I saw how professional your website was and how easy to do business with you – much appreciated indeed. Martha

 Great service
I was very impressed with the speedy delivery and professional service. Johanné

 Greenstar 5000 juicer
The juicer arrived yesterday and started to use it this morning. Surprised me how easy it was to use; was quite intimidated by all the big-mechanic components. Thank you so much for being patient with the payment and kind in your correspondence.

VSJ843 juicer Thanks so much, we are thrilled with the machine and enjoy using it. Peregrine farm stall

 Great service - Thank you very much,I have received my Salute blender, it arrived quickly and I am very happy with it. I appreciate your company service ,thank you.
 Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator
We received our order by 10am the next day and the product works brilliantly! I will not hesitate to do business with naturalwise again

 Oscar DA1000 juicerWe are super happy with our purchase and I am celebrating Day 6 of my organic eating plan with a freshly squeezed beetroot and carrot juice for breakfast :) We are recommending your site and the excellent service on our website and FB page and hope to generate additional business for you in the process.

 Lifestyle - Thanks for your interest. Actually I bought the dehydrator for my sister. We bought two Oscars and a dehydrator and Superfoods and took them home to Windhoek and we are so excited with the results. My four daughters will all buy Oscars and dehydrators now, as I am totally convinced that this is the way to go with everyone being super active and busy. We have always been food conscious, but are now taking it a bit further.
My sister has cancer and I went to PE to her to support her. She had a very poor prognosis, but with faith and a very strict juice and raw food regime, she is proving to be a miracle survivor! Of course they ascribe the success to the chemotherapy, but I am convinced it is faith, the nutrients and God-given common sense that has caused the dramatic turn-around. From having less than three weeks to looking forward to new beginnings! We will definitely be shopping with you again and thank you, your service is prompt and professional and easy! Babbie, Windhoek
 Omega VSJ843 juicer -  Thanks so much, we are thrilled with the machine and enjoy using it. Thanks for the great service. Justin (Peregrine farm), Grabouw
 Waterwise distiller - I am certainly enjoying the distiller. Distilled water truly is the only pure water we have left. Chantell, Kinross

  Excalibur  9 tray dehydrator- The dehydrator that I purchased is being put to good use - my current favourite dried fruit is Granny Smith apples, cored, peeled and sliced (with the apple peeler), dropped in freshly squeezed lime juice and coated with cinnamon. The sour tang of the lime juice survives the dehydration making the apples even more tasty - the cinnamon adds flavour but I've also found this snack having a positive effect on my blood pressure. Shane, Cape
  Great service- Thanks for the great service my order arrived today, I was super impressed with the professional manner of the delivery company and your organizations speed and order accuracy. Sonja

Excalibur 9 tray dehydrator Some years ago I bought an excalibur dehydrator from you, it works like a charm. I am so happy with it! I cannot remember how I managed without it! - Emmarentia van Deventer

 PerfectAire purifier I am always very happy with what I order at Naturalwise, Its always sent in such good time  really I can’t and  will never complain. Patrick, Pretoria