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Welcome to www.naturalwise.co.za - an online shop where you can buy approved healthy and eco-friendly products with convenient door-to-door delivery to most centers within South Africa.

Our product range is a unique selection of some key components that help make up a healthy lifestyle. The understanding and expression of health is as individual as you are. www.naturalwise.co.za is not about prescribing any specific health regime. Our approach is simply to provide some key products that contribute towards health and environmental wellness. How you incorporate the products into your lifestyle is your individual choice. We are always happy to share knowledge and expertise and know our products well.

Individually founded and owned, www.naturalwise.co.za is free to only distribute products that meet our standard of excellence. We have expertise and interest in the product categories that we represent and pre-qualify all products that we sell. 

We ensure that our products are:

  • effective (eg: who wants a water purifier that doesn’t really purify your water or a juicer that doesn’t really extract many nutrients?)
  • long lasting (eg: who wants equipment that burns out after a year?)
  • easy to use (eg: who wants equipment that is cumbersome to use?)
  • eco-friendly (whilst we sell a lot of equipment that is by its nature not biodegradable, we make sure that the equipment that we sell is of a high quality and will stand the test of time and deliver many years of good service. They can then be recycled at the end of their life-span.)
  • chemical and additive free, and are not tested on animals (consumable food and body care products). We distribute organic products as far as possible.

We believe in good communication and set a high standard of communication with our clients with regards to order progress and tracking. Where possible we dispatch the same day via courier with delivery to Jhb and KZN usually the next day and Cape and PE within 2 -3 days. We man a live chat system from our shop and always answer emails and phone calls. In the event of us not being able to answer the phone immediately, we always return calls timeously.

We are consistently complimented on our product efficacy, excellent service and good work ethic. Try us and see for yourself!

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